Just wanted you to know that we had a wonderful trip! It was absolutely beautiful, the guides were awesome and we all had fun. Thanks for doing an amazing job!

Baja Kayaking the Sea of Cortez

Pauline Fedder, Vancouver BC

Linda and I had a great time, and would do it again in a

Baja Kayaking the Hidden Coast

Joe Whalen, Los Osos CA

The trip was very enjoyable which had a lot to do about the quality of service provided by your guides, Segio and Marcos. They had extremely good interpersonal and guiding skills, a fantastic positive attitude about everything and worked continuously to provide us with the opportunity to have a great time. The food was great, their instruction including issues about our personal safety was excellent, and their ability to deal with unique issues was comforting.

Baja Kayaking the Hidden Coast 

Wayne Scott, Calgary AB

I had a wonderful time and I’m so glad I decided to go!  All three of my kayak excursions with Tofino.com have been more than vacations, they have been life enriching and educational.  A joy, thank you.

Brazil Sea Kayaking Adventure

Jo Frey, Lakebay WA

What a great trip!  Looking forward to more adventures in the future.

Brazil Sea Kayaking Adventure

Divya Singh, Seattle WA

Never before in my life have I sent away for a catalogue, bought what was offered and been over 500% satisfied. Tofino couldn’t have given us a more perfect 5 days.

Anne Murdock, Toronto ON

The gear was very well maintained and was of very good quality. The historical anecdotes that the guide provided were very interesting and their knowledge of the flora and fauna was impressive. It was all so perfect, the weather, the guides, the location.. everything!

Kelli Splain and Jeff Merrel, Baltimore MD

I just wanted to send a quick note to give you some feedback on the sea kayak trip in Baja, California. I had such an amazing time and this is largely due to the amazing guides assigned to lead us down the coast. Marcos and Lino did an excellent job of feeding us well (often with fresh fish), teaching us new techniques for wind and wave paddling and pointing out sea life. They were truly professional, and yet approachable and fun. All in all it was a fantastic trip and I would highly recommend your company to my friends.Thanks again.

Rhonda Philpott, Port Coquitlam, BC

Our sincerest appreciation and thanks to the absolutely marvelous guides that accompanied us and made the trip so memorable. They were always concerned about their clients’ well being and went to great lengths to make sure that we were well taken care of. Thanks you for the wonderful experience. We arrived back feeling that we had been physically challenged and felt wonderfully refreshed and exhilarated by the whole experience.

Phyllis and Howard Armitage, Toronto ON

Got back yesterday from one of the more enjoyable experiences of my life: Sea of Cortez trip with Tofino. Five nights of camping on beaches couldn’t have been more pleasant. Group was great and guides Sergio and Marcos were totally professional, were great companions to explore this Baja wilderness with, and spoke excellent English. The food quality was superb and was all done for us- three square and usually hot meals a day. The only work we had to do was load and unload our own kayak (harder than it sounds at first), set up our own tent, and wash our own dish each meal. We had free time, “down time”, and plenty of activities. The amount of daily kayaking was fine, an upper-body workout without being too strenuous. Looking forward to doing a different Tofino Baja trip next year.

Gwendolyn Bell, Oxnard, CA

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